vineri, 27 iunie 2008

I kill you!

Gun control... or how Monty in 25th Hour put it: "Give me a fucking break!"

The Supream Court of the US rulled in favor .. of no gun control, apparently the judges there think that everybody should have a gun. I'm guessing the judges fear that if aren't enough guns on the street people would somehow get along and not get into illegal actions hence not in court and they would be out of business.

How in God's name you can make a decission like that? What incredibly brilliant mind thought that if they let anyone take a pistol home they would be safer. In a country were kids get their parents guns and go on and shoot people in schools just because they can, or where teenagers show of the pistol his daddy has.. and some accident happens and somebody gets killed. YES makes total sense to let anyone have a gun!

Of course, they put in the law that the gun must be used only for protection.... it's like saying to a kid : Take this chocolate but eat it only if you are really really hungry! I'm not saying it's fair that every pathetic excuse for a gangster has a gun but the solution i'm pretty sure it isn't giving more guns, but in a legal environment. Giving this right of having a gun, is saying something like : You know, there is a law that protects you, but if you don't trust us for any reason whatsoever, here is a gun so you can apply your own law as you want to!

A "Way to go" for every one of those 5 judges that decided this was a good ideea!
p.s: it is possible you may be offended by the fact that i used the "f word "here, i had the option of putting something like "f******" but that would just be stupid.. coz it's only a word, so relax :d

marți, 17 iunie 2008

Affirmative action

I've seen tonight one of those movies that make you question things or at least put them in an other perspective. I saw a month ago, this stand up representation from Dave Chapelle, funny man, i laughed at all his jokes except black jokes. Why? I have no knowledge of black versus white, no actual idea of the conflict of those who have different skin color. I've never been looked down because i'm white and i never looked down on somebody because they are black, mostly because there aren't many black people around, and by not many i mean a more or less of 20 people in this city. We do have racism here, just not against black people, we have it against gypsy people.
The movie didn't disrupted my peaceful living by showing me that there are white people, who hate by no reason other than skin color, the black people but showed me of how deep in shit you must get to realize that hating somebody for no reason is the most brainless thing that you could do.
Bad things happen to all kinds of people, no matter the race, the skin color or the religion. But somehow people chose those criteria to hurt other people, taking no responsibility for there own actions. There is a line in the movie "American History X", the black teacher puts it to his ex white student. The student was incarcerated for killing two black people with extreme violence, he was part of a gang that hated all immigrants, and he was just visited by his ex teacher in prison after being raped by one of the white guys because he didn't agree with them. And the line was:
"-Has anything you've done made your life better? "
You can choose to hate people that you never talked to in your life or you could just live your life.
We don't have black people to pick on, we have gypsy people, we could talk for hours on how we are not racist with them, but that would be pointless and untrue. We could even talk about how they don't help each other, how they refuse to educate there own kids. The story has many points of view and depending on who's telling the story you might get inclined to be on one or the other side of the barricade, because it is a barricade. However Affirmative Action means that the minorities not only would have access to free education but should have assured in different government activities, jobs. Secured by the state. Maybe would mean a lot to know that day by day the gypsy will understand that they actually have a chance and we will understand that they deserve more than one.
It is just wishfull thinking, but bottom line is that in US people have for the first time in their short history the possibility to vote for a black man as the president of their country. They came a long way, a very hard way and it's far from over. But if they can overcome their one prejudice in the end why can't we believe that people are just people, and stop believing that the earth was made by white people to rule in it.
The point is live and let others live and never treat people the way you would not want to be treated!
And also watch the movie American History X :d